"SmartSignOn for FEREC" is for FEREC only;provision and support ended on 31 March 2024.
Brand new products "eFEREC" rollout and shipping now! "SmartSignOn for eFEREC" is available here.

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What’s new

 2024/03/29  Notification of the end of support for SmartSignOn for FEREC.
 2022/04/27   Ver.1.8(final version) is available now on App Store.
 2017/02/21   Ver.1.7 is available.
 2012/12/10   Ver.1.6 is available.
 2011/12/06   Ver.1.5 is available.
 2011/06/07   Ver.1.4 is available.
 2011/02/02   Ver.1.3 is available
 2010/12/02   Ver.1.2 is available
 2010/09/07   Ver.1.1 is available
 2010/08/05   Released "SmartSignOn for FEREC" (iPhone/iPod touch version)

What is SmartSignOn for FEREC?

SmartSignOn for FEREC is a client application for Web authentication gateway 「FEREC」 toward internal network access. After you have entered the information for your existing FEREC account in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch the first time you use SmartSignOn for FEREC, simple, one-touch FEREC authentication becomes available. This means that you don’t have to go through the bother of entering your user ID or password again when re-authentication is required after the smartphone handset has been in sleep mode, etc. It is also useful in the prevention of snooping (account information leaks) when you are entering the information.

「SmartSignOn for FEREC」is available as a free download from the App Store.

Main Features

New functions of Ver.1.8

 ・ iOS15-compatible (iPhone/iPad)
 ・ iOS14 or earlier supported under SSO4F Ver.1.6.
 ・ Private policy is described.

New functions of Ver.1.7

 ・ iOS10-compatible (iPhone/iPad)
 ・ iOS9 or earlier supported under SSO4F Ver.1.6.

New functions of Ver.1.6

 ・ iOS6-compatible (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad)
 ・ Support for iPhone5, iPad Mini and iPod touch(5th generation)
 ・ Support Client Information Adding Function(addition of a client IP address) for FEREC (FEREC Ver.2.4.5 or later)

New functions of Ver.1.5

 ・ iOS5-compatible (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad)
 ・ Support Client Information Adding Function for FEREC (FEREC Ver.2.4.4 or later)

New functions of Ver.1.4

 ・ iOS4.3-compatible (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad)

New functions of Ver.1.3

 ・ iOS4.2-compatible (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad)
 ・ Chinese environment (both Simplified/Traditional chinese)

New functions of Ver.1.2

 ・ iOS4.1-compatible (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad)
 ・ English environments
 ・ Support for display and edit functions of Access point

New functions of Ver.1.1

 ・ iOS4-compatible (iPhone/iPod touch)
 ・ Support for iPad landscape display
 ・ Customized FEREC page display through automatic Safari startup

Basic functions of SmartSignOn for FEREC

・ One-touch FEREC authentication (log-on, log-off)
  ⇒ Registering your user ID and password in advance enables one-touch
    FEREC authentication.

・Automatic detection of FEREC access points
  ⇒ A single account can be shared by multiple FEREC units.
    FEREC units in the network are automatically detected and connected.

・Selection of FEREC access points from a list
  ⇒ Different accounts can be used for each connected FEREC unit.
    FEREC units selected from a list of access points registered in advance are

System Requirements

iOS 4.3 or later.
FEREC version 2 or later.

▼Click here for User Manual


Q1: Can registered access points be browsed?
A1: Yes. You can browse it by "edit functions" in the access point.

Q2: How to change Japanese/English/Chinese environments?
A2: Tap [Settings] > [International] > [language] on the home screen.

Q3: How much does it cost?
A3: SmartsignOn for FEREC are provided with free.

▼Click here for User Manual

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